water scale treatment



water scale treatment


If compare the building's piping to the human body, the piping corresponds to the blood vessel. Once the piping that plays a important role contact with mineral in water, rust and scale are generated then serious problem same as the human body's arteriosclerosis is occurred so that gets the piping corroded or disturbs fluid flowing then piping replacement is subsequently required owing to energy cost increment etc.

The biggest problem in the building piping is that cost burden followed by the piping repair and replacement is heavy as the piping life span comes first rather than the building's physical durable years.

Problem caused by the rust and scale is classified into 4 kinds.
First, once rust and scale are accumulated, disturbs heat transmission so that makes the energy cost caused by the heat loss increase. In case that thickness of the scale is 5mm, statistics of "Korea Energy Management Corporation" is being materialized that energy loss rate reaches to 30%.

Second, disturbs fluid flowing in the piping so that electricity energy increases as the pump operating hours extends.

Third, leakage, clog caused by the rust and scale, when replace the piping in case of the apartment house, gets added the economic burden to be consumed about 4 million Won a household.

Forth, hazard of disease induction follows as microorganism proliferates inside the piping.

To help solve the problem above, a number of water treatment companies attempts to solve though, effect is insufficient to satisfy as they rely on a single method and do not cope with environmental conditions depending on condition of the piping and using water. Furthermore, harmfulness to the human body, environmental problem are on the rise as relies on chemicals and temporary removal method of piping cleaning.

ARIORES wasdeveloped to efficiently get rid of the rust, scale in every piping and using water as it was solely applied in the nation the magnet that used electromagnetic induced action with the complex method of electromagnet that applied electrolysis principle.

In case of Japan, water treatment device was introduced from 30 years back as national consciousness on the rust, scale and microorganism proliferation in the piping etc was inspired and subsequently water treatment device is in a stage of verification completion and responsible for an axis of the piping-related-industry. In case of China, water treatment device market is forecasted to be activated as interest on environmental issues converges hosting Beijing Olympics 2008.

Besides, there is a statistical data of "Korea Water Resources Corporation" that expenditure of economic cost caused by the water service pipe corrosion and leakage is needed approx 500 billion Won a year though, once water treatment device is applied, unnecessary expenditure of economic cost will be none.

In the event that problem of the rust, scale is solved, ripple effect on whole industry is forecasted to be large on account of considerable energy and economic cost reduction. Expense saving leads to cost reduction so that generates sales increase, productivity with quality improvement thanks to competitive edge acquisition then ripple effect on whole industry becomes big accordingly.