Tong Lim Entech Co Ltd introduction



Establishment : 10 February 1960 Tong Lip Trading. 10-2 Naesu-Dong,                           Jongno-Gu, Seoul

Company name change into Dong Lim Trading Co Ltd on 15     November1971

Location :(Suite 101 Shinil Office Building) 149-2, Eungahm-Dong,                  Eunpyeong-Gu, Seoul

CEO : Chairman Manhyeok Hur

 Business Field


 1.Make delivery of imported facility equipment, security equipment with its expendable supplies to over 360 companies

   of domestic state-run mines and private-run mines

 2.Make delivery of imported military equipment to the Ministry of National Defense

 3.Import, sales of general industrial instruments

 4.Manufacture, export and domestic sales of the piping corrosion scale prevention and removal device (ARIORES)

 5.Fabricate, export audio-visual materials to Japan


 Home and abroad customers




Mitsui Corporation (Japan)


Korea Coal Corporation



Mitsui Mines (Japan)


Kyungdong Mines



Doka Instruments (Japan)


Jeil Precision Co Ltd



Showa Thermotics (Japan)




 General Korean agency establishment of overseas business connections


 (Japan) Hokkaido Doka Instruments Co Ltd (1985~),
 (Japan) ANES(ͫ) Co Ltd (2003~)
 (Japan) Nakagai Co Ltd (1995~)

 Patent Holding Status


1996: Patent No. 1215830

1999: Patent No. 3004919

2002: Japan Patent No. 3004918

 ARIORES piping electromagnetic device delivery achievement



(Based on February 2010)
140 units of 52 companies including Uljin Nuclear Power Plant
Total 4,291 units of 2,000 companies including Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Japan