water pipe treatment



water pipe treatment


What is the ARIORES electromagnetic device?


Ariores, a electromagnetic device made with repeated research and verification for over 30 years, is a unique product that secured patent in Japan.

Ariores has got a quite superior effect on the various instruments maintenance and life span extension such as water supply pipe, heat exchanger etc by using the synergistic effect of both electric system and magnetic system.

It is possible to mount without suspending operation and enjoys good reputation from customers based on several verification results etc after mounting.


water pipe treatment


ARIORES is being used with the following purpose.


Prevention and removal of the scale, alien substance, rust etc in the piping

Economical maintenance, life span extension(heat generation prevention) of the piping-related devices such as water

  supply & drain, cool & warm water, cooling water, piping of the oil supply facility etc

Boiler fuel efficiency improvement, discharge gas reduction, maintenance energy-saving

Provides soft water that is good for health