Tong Lim Entech Co Ltd has been involving in import, sales of Japanese mines equipment for 47 years, and dealing with ARIORES which is a rust, scale removal and prevention device inside the piping ever since 2003.

Ariores, a Japanese patent product in 1976 and a electromagnetic scale removal device researched and developed for 30 years by ANES(ͫ) Co Ltd, its application case continues to expand because of superior performance, and in South Korea is being installed at state-run corporations with apartment complex so that solves several problems of the scale and improves water quality, shows excellent effect on energy saving etc.

Currently we are re-exporting innovative development product to Japan and re-exported over 1,000 units up to now, and demand in Japan continues to increase.

Our board members and staff will do our best for non-stop research & development of state-of-the-art technology in the future too.