electromagnetic water rust treatment



electromagnetic water rust treatment


ARIORES Principle


Ariores is comprised of both electric system generation part that makes the electric current generate on the piping outer wall then generates electrolysis when mount it on the pipe outside like the picture and magnetic system generation part that the magnetic field generated from the magnet passes into the piping inside. Its principle is to help prevent soluble substance such as iron oxide, calcium carbonate, alien substance etc which deems scale ingredient attach on the pipe wall passing into the magnetic field of water which is conductive fluid.

electromagnetic water rust treatment

ARIORES electromagnetic induced action


As gives electric current to the solid substance which is scale ingredient based on principle that affects to property of every crystalline physique of the electromagnetic system, Aragonite which is a needle-shaped crystalline physique turns into Calcite which is a hexagonal crystalline physique then transforms into a shape that coagulability of the solid substance was weakened and adherent power was none so that suppresses nature to adhere to the pipe wall. Moreover the scale ingredient that tend to adhere begins to soften by electrolysis as generates electromotive force by electromagnetic induced action at the moment that it pass by the electromagnetic field in water then the electric current flows along the pipe wall so that generates electric chemical reaction.


Faraday's electromagnetic induction principle

  (Relation between magnetic force line and electric current)


As the adhered scale by 'Lorenz' force(F=qBV) generated by electromagnetic induced action begins to exfoliate from the pipe wall, simultaneously metal surface such as tube etc makes the red rust change into black rust by reducing process(Fe2O3 Fe3O4) so that prevents generation of red rust stain and suppresses corrosion.


electromagnetic water treatment device