1960    Establish Tong Lip Trading
1974    Company name change into Tong Lim Trading Co Ltd
1975    General agent of Japanese Mitsui Mitsuge, Naikai Corporation,            Doka Instruments (Main category: specialized in coal-mining            machinery, security equipment)
2002    Conclude a Korean agency agreement with Japanese Anes            (Export on a Korean OEM production basis)
2003    Begins domestic sales of Ariores
           (Convert from trading Ħĉ into manufacturing)
2003    Secure Japan patent, Korea patent
           (Korea Intellectual Property Office)
2006    Judged a success of innovative technology assignment,
           industry¤ŭacademia¤ŭresearch assignment
           (Small Medium Business Administration)
2007    Conclude a multiple supplier contract
           (Public Procurement Service)
2008    Secure Japan Safety Standard (PSE)
2009    Set up company-annexed research institute
           (Korea Industrial Technology Association)
2010    Company name change into Tong Lim Entech Co Ltd
2010    Secure venture enterprise certificate